Inside the CRT Ban in Iowa, and Why It’s Needed

Laws banning discriminatory CRT training in public agencies, such as Iowa’s HF 802, are not stopping educators from teaching about equity and racial justice, as many people are claiming. As HF 802 states:

Each agency, governmental entity, or governmental subdivision may continue training that fosters a workplace and learning environment that is respectful of all employees. However, the head of an agency, governmental entity, or governmental subdivision shall ensure that any mandatory staff training provided by an employee of an agency . . . does not teach, advocate, encourage, promote, or act upon stereotyping, scapegoating, or prejudice toward others on the basis of demographic group membership or identity.

Interestingly, the toxic CRT training in April of 2021 inside an Iowa school district is exactly why HF 802 is needed, as this video will detail. 

Inside the Joy Reid Interview with Christopher Rufo

Joy Reid recently had Christopher Rufo on her MSNBC show, The ReidOut, where she failed to engage in a rational debate about Critical Race Theory, and instead attempted to spin a pre-packaged narrative about the topic. 

As reported in New York Post:

After accepting Manhattan Institute senior fellow Christopher Rufo’s requests via Twitter to appear on her MSNBC show, host Joy Reid declined to engage in a debate on the topic of critical race theory — resorting instead to constant interruption and insults, insisting, “it’s my show … so it’s how I want to do it.

This video gives a breakdown of that interview.