White Teacher Shaming: Inside ‘The Color Line’ Exercise

The Color Line” exercise, a teacher training activity developed by Glenn Singleton’s Pacific Educational Group and Courageous Conversations, aims to help white educators identify their so-called “white privilege,” so they can understand how this privilege is perpetuating white supremacy culture in K-12 schools as well as the rest of America.  University of Alabama History Professor David Beito described the activity as a Maoist-style scheme that “publicly humiliate[s] dissenters by having them wear signs around their necks expressing shame for their ‘incorrect thoughts.’”  This video takes a close look at the actual exercise, including the procedures, objectives, and actual survey questions given to teachers.

Activists Are Writing CRT Curriculum in K-12 Schools

Educational activist organizations, many of which have a clear political agenda, are continuously designing curriculum and so-called “teacher resources” for K-12 schools.  How much of this material, if any, should be used by teachers in American classrooms, and is it promoting the kinds of holistic instructional approaches we need in 21st century America?  This video analyzes one group in particular, an organization called BARWE, which stands for Building Anti-Racist White Educators.  Thanks for watching. 

Tredyffrin/Easttown Parents Compared to Capitol Rioters by School Board Member for Opposing CRT

On June 14th 2021, Tredyffrin/Easttown School District held a school board meeting to discuss their equity initiative. After a dozen parents voiced their concerns over the teaching of critical race theory and the district’s affiliation with the Pacific Education Group, school board member Kyle Boyer lectured parents for 16 minutes about their “hurtful and harmful” words, insisting the parents just “didn’t get it” and stated “this is why the Capitol was breached.” 

Sign the petition to stop Critical Race Theory in the Tredyffrin/Easttown School District here.

Christopher Rufo’s ‘Critical Race Theory Briefing Book’

Christopher Rufo’s “Critical Race Theory Briefing Book” is a policy and communications guide for parents, schools, and policy leaders.  According to Rufo’s website: 

In recent months, I’ve advised hundreds of leaders across the country, from local school board candidates to members of the United States House and Senate. I’ve distilled down my advice into this briefing book, which contains definitions, quotations, stories, language, and model policies—everything you need to fight critical race theory in American institutions.

Right now, we have enormous momentum on this issue. But in order to turn this sentiment into victory, we need to build a persuasive argument to the public and implement smart policies at every level of government. I hope this guidebook will help thousands of leaders learn about critical race theory, explain it to their constituents, and abolish it from American public life. 

The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind, Aruna Khilanani, M.D.

In April, psychiatrist Aruna Khilanani gave a lecture at Yale’s Child Study Center titled, “The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind,” where she referred to white people as “demented, violent predators,” and stated that she fantasized about shooting them in the head, among other extremely inappropriate comments. Her lecture is just one of the many toxic offshoots of anti-racism and Critical Race Theory infecting American society and schools. Yale addressed the controversial lecture in a statement, ultimately deciding to post the audio of the lecture to a limited audience; Yale appears to have bowed to “free expression” and has not denounced Khilanani’s hate speech in any way.

Khilanani seems to be embracing the publicity generated by her lecture, and despite being a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, appears to lack the self-awareness to understand how her speech is hateful, violent, and completely inappropriate.    

Inside the Critical Race Meltdown at Juilliard

The president of Juilliard’s Black Student Union, Marion Grey, insists Black lives do not matter at Juilliard.  Grey says she was traumatized after participating in NYU theater professor Michael McElroy’s workshop titled “Roots to Rep,” where students were required to listen to a mock slave auction taken from an episode of “Roots.”  This video examines Professor McElroy’s objectives, excerpts from Marion Grey’s response video, and a clip from the mock slave auction itself, and analyzes how aspects of Critical Race Theory and anti-racism seem to be at odds with the very people these approaches aim to help.  

For more information on the controversy, please read “Revolution Comes to Juilliard,” published by Heather MacDonald in City Journal

Widener University: ‘We Don’t Want Them: Faculty of Color’

On June 2nd at 5:00 PM, Widener University’s Graduate and Continuing Studies is hosting a program titled “We Don’t Want Them: Faculty of Color.”  This video analyzes Widener’s approach to recruiting a diverse faculty from the lens of systemic racism.  

According to Widener’s course description: “This session will share the experiences of faculty of color, explore the benefits of a diverse faculty population, and examine what we can do to support equity in the hiring process in academia. This session will challenge administrators, faculty and staff to think differently about how and who is recruited and hired in higher education.”