America First Legal Demands CRT Documents from Tredyffrin/Easttown School District

On July 13, American First Legal filed an open records request with the Tredyffrin-Easttown School District requesting all records, documents, and communications relating to the development and implementation of Critical Race Theory curriculum between the Pacific Education Group and the School District. 

According to the AFL:

Despite repeated requests from parents and concerned citizens, the school district, in violation of both state and federal law, has refused to disclose the extent of its relationship with Pacific Education Group—a radical organization pushing Critical Race Theory on our children—or the curriculum itself.

Federal law mandates that parents have the right to access and review curriculum being taught to their children. The right of parents in this regard is sacrosanct. AFL is proud to defend parents and children against CRT indoctrination and extreme-left school boards who refuse to comply with the law. 

AFL President Stephen Miller issued the following statement: 

AFL is committed to defeating the illegal equity agenda and the poisonous ideology driving it: Critical Race Theory. In that mission, AFL is standing up for parents who are trying to save their children from racist CRT indoctrination.

One such group of Pennsylvania parents is courageously fighting back. The Tredyffrin-Easttown School District has publicly admitted to applying the odious CRT framework on its captive students. These parents have demanded to see the lesson plans and teaching materials being used in the classroom, weaponized against their own children—but the school, in defiance of both state and federal law, has refused to comply. In effect, it’s a cover-up. AFL has therefore formally filed a request, pursuant to Pennsylvania’s open records law, to obtain the records. If the school rejects the request in further violation of law, then we will take them to court and pry loose these records for all parents and all citizens to see. AFL will use every lawful remedy at our disposal to protect our children from Critical Race Theory. And we will proudly support the patriotic moms and dads stepping up as parent warriors to protect America’s kids from this racist indoctrination.

Read the full records request here

Read the full written request here.

Individualism and Group Identity: A Conversation with Kyle Boyer

This is my conversation with Kyle Boyer, an educator, pastor, and member of the Tredyffrin/Easttown School Board.  On June 14th, during the last TESD school board meeting of the school year, a dozen parents and community members challenged the school district’s equity initiative and use of critical pedagogy. After public comments were closed, Kyle addressed the meeting, calling the comments “hurtful and harmful,” and suggested what he witnessed helped explain why the Capitol was breached on January 6th.    

I did a video analyzing the public comments and Kyle’s response, titled “Tredyffrin/Easttown Parents Compared to Capitol Rioters for Opposing CRT.” The following day, Kyle contacted me and we agreed to have a discussion about his comments and the school board meeting, as well as talk about broader topics such as racism, individualism, group identity, microaggressions, and other issues. This video is our conversation.

My Message to America’s Teachers’ Unions on Critical Race Theory

America’s two largest teachers’ unions, the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association, have officially endorsed teaching critical Race Theory in K-12 classrooms, and are campaigning to push the use of critical pedagogy in lessons and activities in the name of social justice.  Both the AFT and NEA misrepresent the concepts at the heart of CRT, and minimize the toxic approach as simply “teaching accurate history.” This is far from the reality of CRT, and this video attempts to clarify the issue by asking AFT President Randi Weingarten, and NEA President Becky Pringle, 10 questions about their support and endorsement of CRT. 

Identity-Based Equality vs. Principle-Based Equality

This video compares two pathways to equality: one that is identity-based and endorsed by Ibram X. Kendi (critical race theory and anti-racism), and one that is principle-based and endorsed by Thomas Sowell (individual skill-building and universal values). 

Inside the CRT Ban in Iowa, and Why It’s Needed

Laws banning discriminatory CRT training in public agencies, such as Iowa’s HF 802, are not stopping educators from teaching about equity and racial justice, as many people are claiming. As HF 802 states:

Each agency, governmental entity, or governmental subdivision may continue training that fosters a workplace and learning environment that is respectful of all employees. However, the head of an agency, governmental entity, or governmental subdivision shall ensure that any mandatory staff training provided by an employee of an agency . . . does not teach, advocate, encourage, promote, or act upon stereotyping, scapegoating, or prejudice toward others on the basis of demographic group membership or identity.

Interestingly, the toxic CRT training in April of 2021 inside an Iowa school district is exactly why HF 802 is needed, as this video will detail. 

Inside the Joy Reid Interview with Christopher Rufo

Joy Reid recently had Christopher Rufo on her MSNBC show, The ReidOut, where she failed to engage in a rational debate about Critical Race Theory, and instead attempted to spin a pre-packaged narrative about the topic. 

As reported in New York Post:

After accepting Manhattan Institute senior fellow Christopher Rufo’s requests via Twitter to appear on her MSNBC show, host Joy Reid declined to engage in a debate on the topic of critical race theory — resorting instead to constant interruption and insults, insisting, “it’s my show … so it’s how I want to do it.

This video gives a breakdown of that interview. 

Tredyffrin/Easttown Parents Compared to Capitol Rioters by School Board Member for Opposing CRT

On June 14th 2021, Tredyffrin/Easttown School District held a school board meeting to discuss their equity initiative. After a dozen parents voiced their concerns over the teaching of critical race theory and the district’s affiliation with the Pacific Education Group, school board member Kyle Boyer lectured parents for 16 minutes about their “hurtful and harmful” words, insisting the parents just “didn’t get it” and stated “this is why the Capitol was breached.” 

Sign the petition to stop Critical Race Theory in the Tredyffrin/Easttown School District here.

Christopher Rufo’s ‘Critical Race Theory Briefing Book’

Christopher Rufo’s “Critical Race Theory Briefing Book” is a policy and communications guide for parents, schools, and policy leaders.  According to Rufo’s website: 

In recent months, I’ve advised hundreds of leaders across the country, from local school board candidates to members of the United States House and Senate. I’ve distilled down my advice into this briefing book, which contains definitions, quotations, stories, language, and model policies—everything you need to fight critical race theory in American institutions.

Right now, we have enormous momentum on this issue. But in order to turn this sentiment into victory, we need to build a persuasive argument to the public and implement smart policies at every level of government. I hope this guidebook will help thousands of leaders learn about critical race theory, explain it to their constituents, and abolish it from American public life.