Chris’s Book ‘Exploring White Fragility’

Exploring White Fragility: Debating the Effects of Whiteness Studies on America’s Schools, Rowman & Littlefield Publications, by Christopher Paslay. This book, which was just released and is now available for purchase, uses both existing research and anecdotal classroom observations to examine the effects whiteness studies is having on America’s schools. (Click here to order.) 

“This is a brave book. Paslay reveals and cuts through the endless layers of antiracist gospel that, in the name of enlightenment, leave one cohort of brown kids after another uneducated. Aspiring teachers seeking clear eyes and genuine progressivism should start by inhaling this book.”- John McWhorter, professor of linguistics, Columbia University; and host of Slate’s Lexicon Valley podcast

“Paslay’s thorough review of attitudes and actions associated with whiteness studies and racism give voice to all sides of diversity and pluralism so that we, as a nation, can continue the ongoing conversation about how to treat each other with the respect ALL humans deserve.” -Dr. Eugenia Krimmel, education professor and ESL/Bilingual education advisor at the Pennsylvania Department of Education

“This well-researched, well-argued, and thoughtful book provides a clear and comprehensive account of how the theory of white fragility is dividing rather than uniting American society and America classrooms. A must-read.” -Jonathan Church, author of Reinventing Racism: Why ‘White Fragility’ Is the Wrong Way to Think About Racial Inequality

“Paslay provides a thorough exposition and measured critique of the new ideology that has colonized the minds of America’s school administrators and threatens to wreak havoc on our students—especially students of color. It’s a must-read for any parent or teacher who is concerned about the soul of the next generation.” -Max Eden, education policy expert and senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute

Christopher Paslay is a longtime Philadelphia public schoolteacher, education writer, and track coach. He’s a certified Pennsylvania school counselor with an M.Ed. in multicultural education. His articles on school reform have appeared in numerous publications, including The Philadelphia InquirerThe Federalist, and Real Clear Politics.

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