My Interview with Ron Jolly on NewsTalk 580 WTCM

Above is the audio of my 8/13/20 interview with Northern Michigan’s Ron Jolly, who invited me on his radio program after reading my article in American Thinker titled, “Speaking Out Against Robin DiAngelo’s Toxic White Fragility.”  Ron has been covering Robin DiAngelo’s book White Fragility on his show for several weeks, and has voiced his concern over the divisive nature of the underlying tenets, as well as the polarizing qualities of modern anti-racism.  

More importantly, Ron has brought attention to the recent letter sent home to parents by newly appointed Leland Public Schools Superintendent Stephanie Long, who states that it’s the job of white parents and students to “question and examine our beliefs, implicit biases, and intentional or unintentional roles in perpetuating white privilege.” 

Long also writes in the letter, “we need to examine the disparity in our experiences and the underlying reasons that have created the privilege we who are white enjoy.” She also encourages parents and students to join a Black Lives Matter Chapter, and engage in anti-racism work; she has also placed White Fragility on her school district’s recommended reading list. 

The above radio interview is 23 minutes long.  I apologize in advance for the sound quality in the beginning of the segment.  My cellphone reception made parts of the conversation a bit hard to hear.  Thanks for listening!

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